Monday, July 27, 2009

Off? On a Monday?

Wow! It feels crazy to be home during the day on Monday! My day is normally filled with approving payroll, contacting customers, profit projections, charge off calculations, profit improvement plans, marketing plans, conference calls, and all the regular banking transactions that come along. Instead I am home watching the "Magic Schoolbus" (although that is definitely NOT the highlight of my day Braylon does enjoy it!) The bank is being audited tomorrow so my normal Tuesday off will be filled with loads of fun!

Oh well, I am going to make the most of today anyway. Have some cleaning and laundry to catch up on. I am also going to finish the gear album I have been working on with my Grease Monkey collection from BoBunny that was in my project kit from LPS. I have been messing with it for so long so I can achieve the look I want with ribbon coming out from all angles, with tags behind all the pics. I painted it with Maya Mist which is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I will get the pics posted sometime this week! WOOHOO it feels so good when things get finished!