Friday, April 23, 2010

My Scraproom

Even after griping that my dear husband was insistant on me cleaning up my space, I am so glad I did!! (I will NOT be showing the before pictures) I wanted to get some shots of it before it ended up a mess again. I really enjoy having the two tables to work on. One for my "messy" stuff such as sprays and paints, and one for the not so messy stuff such as cutting paper (I have super large self healing Making Memories cutting mat on that table) My messy table also hosts a Ranger non-stick crafting mat which is one of the bestest crafting items EVER.

Whichever table I am sitting at I have plenty of supplies within reach and enjoy turning on my stereo and enjoying the blissful peace. It also has a door to the outside which I love when the weather is nice because I can leave the door open and slide open the screen for some fresh air and natural light.