Sunday, September 5, 2010

Paper Makeup Stamps September release

Card is by Christi Snow a PMS artist
Ok so I don't think I have shared it here yet (well actually I am sure I haven't HA) but PaperMakeupStamps are my ABSOLUTE favorite stamps. I have always collected fairies and when I found these I was in love. Instantly. So not only do the have amazing new fairies every month, but this month Katie is releasing a duck. A DUCK. In my house ducks are awesome, Madi loves them and Duck was one of the first words she said clearly. She also hollers DUCK DUCK anytime she sees one. It is the cutest.thing.ever. So this new release Bubbles the Duck will surely be making its way to me next week as soon as I can buy it on the site. Be sure to check out PMS and I'm sure you'll be hooked too! (they also have the most awesome sentiments/quotes/wordart for those who aren't into fairies)