Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Hour

Last night there was a happy hour sketch over at Memorable Seasons. It began at 9pm and you had 1.5 hours to get your lo done, photographed and uploaded. I was able to finish just under the wire! I really enjoyed the process though and am completely satisfied with the layout that I was able to complete.

A picture of Madi was my inspiration and "you are" came into my head. I turned that into the complete titling of "just the way you are" and my journaling on the lo describes how I never imagined that I would be parenting one of *those* children. You know the ones who are loud and wide open and no matter what you really think the parents aren't doing anything to control it. YEP, I have one. After watching her grow (in size and personality) I realize that I don't WANT her to be quiet and reserved, she just WOULDN'T be me Madi if she was. I love her outgoing personality, the way she adapts to change, the hugs/kisses and love she has. She goes with the flow and goes at it full force. I can't wait to see where she leads me!