Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Gift for Noel Mignon challenge

When I saw THIS challenge on the Noel Mignon blog I knew I wanted to complete it. I started thinking about the best gift I have ever received. I couldn't believe how many things came to mind almost immediately. You think that if it is "THE BEST" you would be able to select it quickly right? WRONG! HA, my first thought was my husband and children. I am blessed to have a man who loves me and be a mother of 4. My next thought was Cadbury Easter eggs for Valentine's Day. A tradition my DH started the first year we were married. After thinking and thinking I realized the best gift I have EVER received is a white box. A WHITE BOX?? (I'm not crazy I assure you). It was the lesson learned with that box that is the greatest gift. The lesson not to "judge a book by it's cover" and "things aren't always what they seem". I received a white box for Christmas as a young child. Not a barbie box, not playdoh, nothing on the outside of the box that I recognized and I was HEARTBROKEN (not because I was an ungrateful child or spoiled, I just didn't "get it" yet). After some heavy convincing from my parents I finally opened that plain white box and found a teddy bear that became one of my most beloved toys. I had that bear up through high school until it got destroyed in a move. I learned that the things you think aren't worth anything are the most valuable treasures you will ever find.